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Managed Networks

Anytime, anywhere connectivity means you’re always operating.

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Hosted PBX

​Connect your system to our network. Enhance your PBX with video conferencing and c​heaper internal calls.

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Dedicated Internet

​Connect to MTN’s MPLS backbone. It’s fast, secure and reliable, supported round-the-clock and always on.​

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Metro Ethernet Cloud Connect

Tap into converged voice, video and data streams. Access software as a service and f​ull cloud services.

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Fixed LTE

​Ensure your business is constantly connected to high-speed Internet.

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MTN Business Broadband Wireless

​​Ensuring your business has a high-availability broadband internet service.

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MTN Cloud Connect Wireless

​​Reliable connectivity ensuring your business has access to MTN’s Layer 3 services.

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MTN Cloud Connect Lite

​Highly reliable connectivity enabling your business to access MTN’s vast suite of services.

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VPN services


Roll out a fully managed service for premises equipment and local networks with 24/7 monitoring and support.

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Access services

Wired And Wireless (VSAT, Wi-Fi)

Give staff high-speed connectivity on or offsite, locally or abroad. Broadcast Wi-Fi across your premises.

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Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

​Getpermanently open, uncapped high-bandwidth connectivity in remote regions viasatellite communications.

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AWS Direct Connect

​Access the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based products and services and take your business global.

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Internet services

MTN Global Dedicated Internet

Embrace always-on internet access via leased line or Diginet. Pay less for more bandwidth. Impr​ove security.

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MTN Business Broadband Fibre

​Connect your business to a highly reliable broadband internet service

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Broadband LTE

Connect your business to continuous, uninterrupted fibre-like connectivity

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