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Metro Ethernet Cloud Connect

​Metro Ethernet Cloud Connect

The most efficient and cost-effective way to connect multiple branch networks is through the strongest possible link to the cloud. High-speed​​, high-availability, low-latency and low-jitter broadband is ideally delivered through Ethernet-based connectivity over MTN's world-class network.

As strategic partners with multiple vendors we provide connectivity through a variety of last mile service providers. Allocating capacity in real-time to help you bypass congestion, and delivering converged voice, video and data streams, Direct Internet, Hosting, Software as a Service and the full suite of cloud services.

What does it offer your business?

  • Increase bandwidth dynamically without investing in new hardware
  • Eradicate high-cost, extra-office connectivity bottlenecks
  • With a 'self-healing' network, incidents are almost instantly detected and resolved
  • The network can be monitored, diagnosed and centrally managed for rapid service provisioning



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