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Unified Communications

Save time and money by consolidating communications systems.

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SIP Trunking

Replace your PBX with the internet. Run voice, video and data over one line. Save up to 30% on calls.​​

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Mobile Data

Keep staff online and in touch with inbox, calendar and business apps at all times, wherever they are.

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with on superior-quality, always-on connectivity. Get used to robust and reliable ADSL over our network.

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​Share contract benefits among multiple SIM cards. 

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Web Conferencing

​​Host multiple parties via HD-quality video conferencing. Have face-to-faces across town or across borders. ​

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Mobile voice

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

​Route high-qualitycalls to multiple branches over a single network. Save you up to 35% on businesscalls.​

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Hosted IP PBX

​Connect your PBX toour network. Upgrade it with video conferencing. Lower the cost of internalcalls. 

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Video Conferencing

​Host multiple partieson-screen in HD. Work on shared files in the cloud. Reduce your carbonfootprint.

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